Phone line installation times for ISDN & PSTN

Openreach network performance with respect to the lead times for new telephone lines, continues to be an issue and the Matters Beyond their Reasonable Control Performance Updatestatus has now been on-going for months! Lead times broadly indicate that challenges will continue until 2013 with the UK average install remaining at 14-19 working days.

Lead time are applicable to:

New PSTN analogue lines
New ISDN2e
New ISDN30
High bandwidth internet connections

Openreach Performance

North Region Lead Times:

During October the lead time for the North ranged between 18 and 43 days, depending on the region. The quickest region for lead times in October was Merseyside at between 18 – 23 days whereas the longest region for lead times was East Midlands with a lead time of between 38 – 43 days!

Southern Region Lead Times:

For the South lead times ranged between 11 – 37 days. The region with the quickest lead time was North West London at between 11 – 16 days. The slowest was Surrey at between 32 – 37 days.

Please take the above leads times into consideration for projects requiring new telephone lines and office moves. Please contact our team on 0844 871 2198 for full November lead times, as well as predictions for the coming months.