What is the Best Phone System for Vets?

Which is better cloud hosted or premises based PBX? - Phone systems for vets

What is the Best Vets Phone System?

Your old telephone system is out of date; you’re opening a new veterinary surgery or your interested in what your future options could be. As a company that has been in business for 30 years; we have successfully helped hundreds of vets choose the best telephone system for their surgery. If you are unsure where to turn when it comes to phone systems, you are in the right place. We pride ourselves on our service as we have helped many vets save thousands on their call costs and line rentals.

It can appear hard to understand what a veterinary surgery needs from a phone system and finding the best telephone system for your vets can almost seem impossible. The telephone systems we supply and fit are suited best to your needs and allow you to leave good impressions with your customers. Our phone systems come built with professional features to integrate properly within your business model. We provide training so all staff members can be in complete control and customers can be dealt with quickly and efficiently over the phone.

The best vets telephone system

So what are the Best Veterinary Surgery Phone System options?

The best phone system for vets must be reliable to perform well for both staff and customers. Most vets choose between two telephone systems, on-premise and cloud.


· On-Premises Analogue, Digital & IP PBX Vets Phone Systems


An on-premises or PBX system is a more traditional phone system option. For a long time, it was the only option available to businesses and must be installed within your premises. The on-premises PBX system is landline-based, uses physical hardware and is usually mounted to a wall. If you have space, it can also be installed within a comms cabinet. The on-premises telephone system uses traditional phone lines. Once installed within your vets, the system distributes calls to your designated areas. Calls can be sent to reception phones or offices; your phone placement and setup within your vets is up to you. If you don’t want to integrate with the cloud and prefer the security of having your telephone system within your premise, then a traditional, premises-based PBX is for you.

The premises-based phone system does have some disadvantages, which discourage some veterinary surgeries. Vets sometimes choose another option due to their financial situation or infrastructure within their building. Most vets are now choosing to use a hosted telephone system, this is because of the lower costs and the flexibility that it can provide.

Just because many vets are moving away from analogue telephone systems, doesn’t mean it would be the correct decision for you. However, if you are keen to explore your possibilities or think a hosted phone system sounds interesting, read on to explore what a cloud-based telephone system has to offer.


· Cloud Hosted Vets Phone Systems


The alternative to an on-premises telephone system is to go hosted. A hosted telephone system is a more modern technology within the cloud. Rather than running over your telephone lines, your internet connection is used to distribute calls to your desk phones and cordless handsets. As your internet connection is the key component you need a strong and resilient broadband connection to keep this system running. However, the benefit of being cloud-based means the only physical hardware within your premises is the handsets that you use to make and receive calls.

Hosted telephone systems commonly run on a plug and play basis, meaning the installation is far simpler than a traditional PBX system. The pricing for a hosted telephone system usually has little or no upfront costs, as users pay for handsets monthly. Hosted systems are more affordable, simpler to set up and easier to maintain than traditional veterinary surgery phone systems.

Where to buy cloud hosted or premises based telephone systems for vets?

So which is the Best Phone System for your Vets?

Both of these phone systems offer all of the features you expect to have in a veterinary surgery. The decision between which phone system comes down to your preferences and needs. What can be installed within your premises can be influenced by your cabling infrastructure or internet connection.

This article has touched on the general design, setup, benefits and disadvantages of both of these telephone systems. An expert needs to make an educated decision to supply your premises with the equipment it needs. To arrange a free visit or to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01264 336644 or email info@sbclimited.co.uk.