It’s been 40 years since the first mobile phone call!

These days it’s very likely most people cannot imagine life without their precious mobile, and it’s amazing to look at how these devices have evolved in the preceding 40 years, and how they have impacted on all of us!

Old Mobile Phones

Some of you will remember the first devices, with large handsets attached to even larger battery packs, fondly remembered as the ‘brick in a case’, they were hardly mobile at all! You would be lucky to get a signal, and if you did, talk time was no more than about 20 minutes, and you could only enjoy all of this if you had a spare £1000 to buy it! Now we are inundated with devices, all with the ability to make and receive telephone calls, but that’s not all. They provide us with a raft of additional features, some of which most of us never use, and added to the endless apps now available, we could be in danger of losing another third of our lives just using our mobile devices!Here at SBC Ltd, we are often asked if we sell a mobile phone that does nothing but make and receive calls and text, and the answer is, very few; even most of the budget phones have cameras.

When leaving the house now, most of us probably still take our wallets and our keys, but almost certainly our phones; it’s as if we somehow feel vulnerable and naked without them, but perhaps the theory is, as long as you can call someone, you can overcome most eventualities! The keys and wallet may soon disappear from that list of essentials, but just try to imagine what mobile devices will be like in another 40 years; maybe they will be implanted at birth so we can walk out the door without a care in the world!

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