Are you 4G ready?

Great news! Vodafone has announced 4G is now live in Manchester, another city to add to their growing list of 4G destinations. Ultrafast 4G is set to help boost business and provide employees with the ability to work any time, any day. Almost nine out of ten business leaders (86%) believe 4G will increase their productivity by providing a genuine ‘in-office’ experience wherever they are, according to recent research by Vodafone*

Check a few things first before you can enjoy 4G.

1. Check Coverage for your area.

2. Choose a 4G ready phone.

3. Choose a 4G ready plan.

4. Update software.

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*Vodafone research showing that 86% of businesses believe that 4G will increase their productivity was conducted with 554 organisational leaders across UK PLC and is available at

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