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5 Hosted Phone System Features We Absolutely Love!

Hosted phone systems are taking over the business world. With the ISDN switch off soon approaching and COVID-19 sending employees working from home, companies across the UK have relied on their internal and external business communications to be flexible and adaptable. Hosted phone system features are the modern solution for these problems. Long gone are the days of diverting phone systems when you need to work from home. With flexibility in mind, hosted phone system users can use intelligent features to run their business communications smoothly whilst working in the office and from home. Hosted phone systems come jam-packed with amazing features. Below is a list of 5 hosted phone system features we absolutely love!

What is a hosted phone system?

Simply put, a hosted phone system is the same as a traditional phone system but, the hardware and large cabling infrastructure are removed and instead hosted within the cloud. A hosted phone system uses your broadband rather than traditional telephone lines. Being cloud-based allows the phone system to have more features and greater improvements in software updates. The advances in phone system technology have transformed the way a phone system works, allowing users to use their phone system on their smartphone, communicate with their team using group chats and much more.

Hosted Phone System Features

All of your stats, all in one place

Manage your business communications from any location, at any time. Every time you log in to the CallSwitch mobile application, you’ll see a dashboard overview to help gain essential insights into your call handling performance. Quickly view a summary of today’s call traffic and talk time to help measure key performance indicators.

Hosted phone system features being used on a smartphone

Call Recording

Record, replay & store your calls. Call recording provides essential information that can help improve your staff and business performance. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce liability, capture missed details, review customer stories, prevent lost calls and satisfy compliance standards. Be more organised with a recording solution that’s right for your business.

Instant Messaging

Connect with colleagues more effectively than ever before. SBC hosted Instant Messaging offers any organisation the ability to quickly and easily create a group or private chat, assign members, and keep everybody updated with quick and fluid communication. Even remote workers can join the conversation requiring only an internet connection to keep in touch. Eradicate unproductive meetings, reduce travel time and be more flexible.

Click to Call on PC

Access the power of SBC hosted with our fully integrated desktop application, providing an explosive set of features capable of transforming your phone system into a real powerhouse. The easy to use interface allows you to send instant messages, view missed calls, received calls, dialled contact history, start a group chat, start a video meeting, send a fax and listen to voicemails directly from your computer. Work anywhere in the world regardless of location, all you need is a reliable internet connection.

hosted phone system click to dial software on a laptop

Professional Call Centre Reporting

An SBC hosted system provides the ultimate call centre reporting solution. Our Call Centre software gives you everything required for call centre managers and supervisors to provide accurate, 360-degree reporting and MiFIDII compliant recording, to determine performance against targets and SLA agreements across all touchpoints. Transform your customer journey and track how employees handle specific customer situations, interactions and day-to-day activities. Use agent evaluation scoring to ensure your call centre meets quality and efficiency standards set by your company.

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That’s five of our favourite hosted phone system features. Get started with a new cloud-based system today. To learn how a hosted phone system can revolutionise your business and have access to all of these amazing features, click here to get a free quotation from a member of our friendly team.

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