Calling all Vehicle Owners! – Battery Charging in Lockdown 2020

Calling all vehicle owners! A helpful tip whilst you pass the time in lockdown. Here at SBC, our vehicle owners and engineers are topping up our car and van batteries during the lockdown, and we suggest you do too. Vehicle battery charging can save you hundreds of pounds.

Make sure you are charging your car and van batteries during our time working from home. With extensive disuse of both our personnel and business vehicles, the onboard starter battery can quickly drop below its optimum voltage, leading to a flat battery on the morning of your first commute back to the office.

Mechanic hand holding battery charging jump Leads in front of SBC van in Lockdown 2020

In the case of not having a charger, breakdown companies recommend running a vehicle for 20 minutes weekly to keep the battery ticking over. Cars are designed to be driven and many of the mechanical parts benefit from being used regularly. Running your car not only helps charge your battery but, can also keep other essential parts in the best shape possible, ready for your first journey out of lockdown. Keep your battery topped up to save yourself potentially hundreds of pounds.

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