Best Cloud Phone System 2022: Number 1 UK Cloud System

December 10, 2020

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Best Cloud Phone System 2021/2022: Number 1 UK Cloud System

The last few years have been a challenging year for all of us but, with our sights now fixed on 2022, businesses can now begin to plan for the future again. Cloud communication is at the forefront of any business, and whether you need flexible communication within your company or a more efficient way for customers to contact your business, you need the best cloud phone system for 2022.

The traditional understanding is that businesses need a PBX phone system, however many factors have now swayed the telecommunication market towards the cloud phone system industry. You need the best number 1 UK phone system for your business if you wish to continue to communicate effectively in 2022 and beyond.

The Best Cloud Phone System For A Business In 2022

The best cloud phone system for your business in 2022 is one that will operate as a traditional telephone system but, at the same time, have all the technological benefits that bring your business into the 21st century. Using out-of-date technology within your business is the first step to being left behind, businesses that succeed are always thinking ahead and evolving.

Phone system technology feels like it has been in the past for a while, but the industry has been shaken up with the introduction of cloud systems. Cloud phone systems have been a breath of fresh air for what was an often stale market. Cloud systems have more features than ever seen before on a business phone system, and they have been getting users up and down the country very excited with their mobile and desktop compatibility.

Hosted phone system features being used on a smartphone
Cloud phone systems have been a breath of fresh air with their mobile and desktop compatibility and applications.

What Is A Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is an alternative to an on-premises PBX phone system. A cloud system uses your internet connection as opposed to running over traditional telephone lines. Internet usage allows a cloud system to be more versatile than other systems that came before. Users can expect a more versatile system, that can be remotely accessed and fixed by remote engineers. Long gone are the days of expensive engineer call-outs.

Cloud Phone System 2022: Key Components and Benefits

The key component of a cloud phone system is your internet connection. As long as your internet connection is strong and reliable, which is usually the case for most UK businesses, then the cloud system will perform perfectly within your organisation. If an internet connection is an issue for you, this can be resolved with the right technical advice. You shouldn’t be put off of a cloud system by your existing poor internet connection. These simple issues can easily be resolved.

Cloud phone systems boast many benefits, but one of the most noticeable is the lack of hardware that needs to be installed within your premises. The small amount of hardware that needs to go into your premises means cheaper upfront installation costs and no onsite maintenance. Some installs can even be achieved by posting equipment to you, eradicating the need for an onsite engineer. The ease of setup and plug-and-play compatibility means users can be set up quickly and remotely with no technical experience or knowledge required.

Cloud Phone Mobile & Desktop Apps

Cloud phone systems are mobile and desktop compatible. Cloud phone systems come with mobile and desktop applications that allow you to use your phone system without needing a traditional handset. This is a great revolution in communication technology for large businesses like call centres. Busy cloud system users can also answer business calls on their smartphone wherever they are in the world, as long as they have a stable internet connection. Cloud phone systems give you a more versatile way to handle your business communications.

A cloud phone system isn’t just mobile and desktop specific software though. If you require desk handsets or just like the old school feel of answering a physical handset, then a cloud system can replicate this too. Desk handsets come as standard with all of our cloud phone systems.

Best Cloud Phone System 2021 Desk Handsets Yealink T54W
Cloud phone systems can also use desk handsets, just like a traditional PBX system.

What About Cloud Phone System Pricing?

Cloud phone system users can expect more manageable bills too. Easy installations and an almost virtual service mean businesses can expect to pay little to no upfront fees for the initial installation. Ongoing payments are also easy to manage and understand. A cloud phone systems ongoing fees are billed monthly per user, this usually covers additional remote tech support work too, ensuring you have the very best aftercare experience.

How Is A Cloud Phone System Different From A Traditional Panasonic PBX Phone System?

A cloud phone system must perform to meet both the needs of your business and your customers. In the past, there have been two main types of telephone systems with subcategories and other smaller competitors. To provide the best understanding of a cloud phone system, it is best to compare it to a traditional Panasonic PBX phone system.

PBX vs Cloud: More Office Space And Simple Installs

A Panasonic PBX system is known for being a large piece of equipment that is installed, within your premises. Small businesses owners can struggle with this as the system itself can take up a lot of space. Large businesses tend to have a “server room” or another similar location that the PBX system can be stored in.

Cloud phone systems don’t provide you with any of this hassle since they are cloud-based. There is no large system that needs to be installed within your premises when you use a cloud system. Small businesses can enjoy maximising their working area without a bulky piece of non-eco-friendly hardware managing all of their calls, and large businesses benefit from an intrusion-free installation too. 

PBX vs Cloud: Telephone Lines and Internet Connections

As mentioned before, the technology used in a cloud system is internet-based, as opposed to using traditional telephone lines, like the Panasonic PBX system. An internet-based phone system opens you up to cheaper broadband options such as FTTC, SOGEA and FTTP. In most businesses, across the UK, internet speeds are a number one priority meaning a cloud phone system can be added to your business with ease.

As Panasonic has announced they are discontinuing the PBX telephone system categories, users are looking for future-proofed options with greater technological advancements. Cloud phone systems appear to be the obvious option for these users.

“Panasonic Business Communication” Announcement: What To Use Next?

On the 2nd of December 2020, Panasonic sent an email to suppliers, revealing a new “Change Announcement”. In the email to suppliers, Pansonic announced that they have made the strategic decision to discontinue the “Panasonic Business Communication business (PBX, SIP, and Scanner categories)” in a time frame of two years from the announcement (02.12.2020).

Panasonic provided a list of reasons that have led to the closure of the “Panasonic Business Communication business (PBX, SIP, and Scanner categories)”. See the list below:

  • A sharp decline of the market and rapid shift to cloud-based solutions.
  • A technological mismatch between factory and future market needs and trends.
  • Lagging behind their competitor’s R&D activities.
  • A constant financial deficit due to the reasons above.
  • Shift to new types of demand (Teams, Zoom, etc.) significantly accelerated by Covid-19 which makes the future of our business untenable and unpredictable.
Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems Discontinued Accelerated By Covid-19
In the email to suppliers, Pansonic announced that they have made the strategic decision to discontinue the “Panasonic Business Communication business (PBX, SIP, and Scanner categories)” in a time frame of two years from the announcement (02.12.2020).

The impending discontinuation of the “Panasonic Business Communication” business, means that suppliers will look to move customers over to new types of phone systems in the coming years. Once Panasonic has officially discontinued the line, by 2023, we advise that businesses have made the switch to an alternative and future-proofed form of business communication. Businesses can quickly find themselves wondering where to turn next.

Combined with the incoming BT ISDN shut down, and the new release of internet-only SOGEA broadband, the future has never been more geared for cloud phone systems to be used throughout the UK. Most businesses across the UK now have all the facilities they need to incorporate the future-proofed technology that is a cloud phone system.

COVID-19 And Cloud Phone Systems: Working From Home

On the 23rd of March 2020, the UK was instructed to go into its first COVID-19 lockdown. After a year of local lockdowns and a second countrywide lockdown, the UK and it’s businesses have become very used to working from home.

However, cloud phone system users were a step ahead. Switching to working from home was challenging for all, but cloud users could rely on their phone system operating with ease whilst they were away from their office. The integration that cloud systems have with smartphones and desktop computers allowed users to remotely use their telephone system from devices that didn’t rely on a desk handset. Here at SBC, we have seen call centres send all of their staff to work from home, whilst the cloud phone system allowed all users to remotely make and take calls from their computers or mobile handsets.

Call Centre Worker Working from home using a cloud phone system
When using a cloud phone system, your staff can work from home and remotely make and take calls from their computers or mobile handsets.

Get Started

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To learn even more about cloud systems, click here to be taken to our dedicated cloud phone system website. From there, you can explore our range of desk handsets and view the extended range of features that come included with the best cloud phone system 2021.

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