Research in Motion announces launch event for new Blackberry 10  –  30th January 2013.

Research in Motion (RIM) has announced a simultaneous launch event for its new Blackberry 10 to take place on the 30th January 2013, but not yet confirmed all the worldwide venues.

The BB10’s details will be revealed in greater detail at the event, but the device is reported to use a new operating system, and there will be a touchscreen and keyboard versions available.

New features for the business smartphone include BlackBerry Flow and Blackberry Balance; Flow is a new experience that allows users to see minimised windows on their screens and show all the apps currently running. Balance allows smartphones and tablets to be used for both business and personal use without compromise. The new device has also won the U.S. Governments security clearance after being granted FIPS certification, (from the National Institute of Standards and Technology). Blackberry was always preferred as the phone of choice for businesses due to its high level of email security.

RIM is hoping their BB10 smartphone and its new features will return it to its previous position in the market. We look forward to the launch and getting our hands on the new device.

You can read more about the new Blackberry 10 at

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