BT Business Phone Line & Care Level Prices Changes from 1st March 2017

Price changes from 1st May 2017.

BT know that no one likes price increases – but they keep raising their prices!

From the 1st March 2017 some of BT line prices will rise on average by 6%.

Download BT Business price list: BT-Business-Phone-Line-Price-Increase-1 March 2017

BT Analogue PSTN Line Cost:

Switch to SBC > 12 Months SBC Analogue PSTN Line £12.95 per month *Saving £10.75 per month

BT ISDN Line Cost:

Switch to SBC > 12 Months SBC ISDN2e £13.00 per month  *Saving £14.00 per month / per channel*

Switch to SBC > 12 Months SBC ISDN30 £13.95 per month  *Saving £12.45 per month / per channel*

What if your unhappy with any of BT’s price rises?

What are the regulations?

All communication providers must comply with the General Conditions. The relevant condition is General Condition 9.6, which says communication providers have to: give 30 days’ notice of changes likely to be of material detriment, and allow customers to end their contract without penalty.

What about Ofcom’s guidance about ending your contract early if prices go up?

Ofcom’s additional guidance to GC9.6 applies only to small businesses (with ten or fewer employees) who’ve taken out a new contract with BT Business after 23 January 2014. Ofcom said that with effect from 23 January 2014 it would see any price increase in core subscription charges (no matter how small) as being ‘material detriment’ for consumers and small business customers. This means that all communication providers have to give these customers 30 days’ notice of any price increases and allow them to end their contract without any early termination charges.

What charges does this apply to?

Recurring charges such as line rental, broadband rental, static IP and call package fees on calls, lines, broadband and mobile. It doesn’t apply to other services or to one-off charges like connection charges and calls.

When do you have to notify BT if you want to leave?

If you wish to end any of your eligible services affected by a price increase covered by Ofcom’s additional guidance to GC9.6, you’ll need to contact BT within 30 days of price increase notification from BT.

If you wish to cancel services that haven’t been affected by a price increase or are not covered by Ofcom’s additional guidance to GC9.6, you’ll need to pay BT any applicable charges.

Time to switch…

If you have had enough of BT’s ever continuing price hikes, hang up your BT bills and connect to a better deal with SBC. We offer an impartial lines, calls and broadband advisory service over the phone that is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday (except bank holidays): tel: 01264 336644.We will analyse your telephone bill for free and report on our findings (savings of up to 40% are not untypical).There is no commitment, it’s totally up to you. We can seamlessly switch your your fixed line calls and line rental to us, we’ll handle the entire switch over process. You don’t have to change your numbers, install extra equipment or deal with BT. Its just a really simple paperwork exercise which takes approximately 10-14 days to complete.

Looking for a Better Deal – Contact SBC today!

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