Running a business is tough, and trying to keep your call rates and line rental to a minimum is even tougher

Chances are, you’re probably paying too much for both your telephone call rates and line rental. But let’s be honest, trawling through the many deals from the ‘far too many to choose from suppliers and their various plans’ is just plain dull, and of course, no one provider is the cheapest, it all comes down to how and when you use your lines. So what can you do?Cheaper Calls and Line Rates for Business

Well, firstly you can take a look at the tips below, which may help reduce this overhead, without requiring too much effort on your part. However, to really be in with a chance of making a difference to this monthly expense, then reaching for your previous bills, and understanding exactly what you are paying for is the only answer. Only then can you compare the market for the deal that suits you and your business best.

Don’t have the time? Don’t despair! There is an easier way….just send or upload a copy (contact form below) of your latest business phone bill, and we will analyse it for you. No charge. No pressure selling, just advice on what we find and what we suggest, after all, this is what we do best! Chances are, we can help save you money, what’s not to like!

TIP 1:

Pay by Direct Debit. Most providers charge a fee if you DON’T pay by direct debit so check this out on your bill, it may be worth setting one up.

TIP 2:

Peak and Off-Peak. Get to know when your peak and off-peak times are, many providers have changed these recently, and it’s not been in the consumer’s favour!

TIP 3:

Voicemail and Caller ID. If you have line rental with voice mail or caller ID and think these are free, check your bill. Some providers, unless you make two chargeable or inclusive calls per month, will charge you for these services.

TIP 4:

Know your NGN’s. Non Geographic Numbers or NGN’s are telephone numbers not assigned to a geographic location. They also come with a raft of different charges, so before dialling, make sure you know the rate per minute, and check to see if there is an alternative lower rate number by using a website like

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