CCTV Installation For Local UK Business – Hikvision ColourVu

We have recently been installing new CCTV cameras around a customer’s premises to secure cargo containers and monitor entrances and exits. We used Hikvisions ColorVu cameras to allow for accurate and complete surveillance throughout the night. The cameras are mounted up high with protection to stop them coming under harm from vandalism. Cameras that can be seen are always recommended by SBC to deter thieves from attempting to commit a crime.

CCTV Install around a customer's premises to secure cargo containers and monitor entrances and exits

SBC Specialist CCTV Installations

Southern Business Communications specialise in commercial CCTV installations across the south of England. We supply and install CCTV cameras ranging in-display quality all the way to 4k resolution. We even supply Hikvisions new range of ColorVu cameras allowing for easy and clear surveillance at night. Protect your business and see clearer with our award-winning products and CCTV surveillance systems.

Why Your Business Should Consider Installing A CCTV System

Security cameras are a highly sought after product when protecting your business. Cameras not only record 24/7 outside and within your premises but also act a visual deterrent. Any would-be thieves can clearly see your premises is protected with high-quality security cameras. CCTV systems supply a valuable source of evidence when investigating and detecting crime. Our CCTV systems are remotely accessible meaning you can log in from whenever you have a strong internet connection and remotely view what is going on in and around your premises.

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