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Introducing our brand new website, SBCHostedSolutions.co.uk. Specialising in cloud phone systems, SBC hosted solutions is a product-focused website making it easy to explore all of the new features you can expect to see in a cloud-hosted phone system. Discover our wide range of compatible handsets and call conferencing solutions allowing you to work in the office or at home with ease.

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Why do you need a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is the future of phone system technology. Using your intent connection, like all modern-day technology, the cloud phone system is versatile and lightweight. Cloud phone systems can be accessed on your smartphone, bringing your business into the light and leaving your old office communication habits in the dark ages. Desk phones can and are still commonly used but, the cloud phone system allows you to leave the wires behind. Freeing you as a user, the cloud phone system, lets you communicate with businesses and customers wherever you have an internet connection. 

Hardware? Cloud vs Traditional Phone Systems

As a cloud phone system uses your internet connection, this stops the need for a large amount of physical hardware in your office. In most cases, businesses choose to still have physical desk phones for their workers. When it comes to a cloud phone system, this is the only hardware you need to have. Sometimes a company needs as little as a desktop application.

Cloud phone systems can now operate on software which can be downloaded to a PC or Mac. This setup is very common in call centres, where a large number of people need to make and answer calls but costs need to be cut. No longer do you need a large telephone system stored in your premises that can become susceptible to damage or theft.  

New and Updated Features

Cloud phone systems are extremely popular due to their ability to gain new features. As the phone system evolves and more features are released, a cloud phone system can be updated using your internet connection, giving you the latest features instantly. This is very similar to how your smartphone would update. The latest updates have released features that accommodate for homeworking such as video conferencing. A cloud phone system is fantastic for homeworking as it allows team members to use their home internet connection and still be connected to your business communications.

 Video Conferencing using a hosted cloud phone system application

What Handsets Upgrades Are Available In An SBC Hosted Solutions Cloud Phone system?

Even though a cloud phone system doesn’t need a handset on your desk, in some cases, they come included with your subscription. SBC Hosted solutions has a wide variety of desk handsets that give you that familiar feeling and ergonomic usability you are seeking with a phone system. With handsets that are great for homeworkers and reception desk expansion modules, we can supply a model that suits your needs.

The Yealink T54W is our preferred cloud phone for busy executives and professionals. Stacked with all of Yealinks latest features, the T54W has a modern look and is the perfect upgrade from your traditional office phone. The T54W has a larger full-colour screen giving it an elegant appearance when compared to previous models like the T41S. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allows the T54W to be compatible with wireless headsets and also connects quickly and easily to your wireless network.

Cloud phone system handset Yealink T54W

The Yealink T58V is our favourite cloud handset for homeworkers. Having a built-in camera allows the users to video conference colleagues so they can stay in touch and maintain that employee interaction that is needed within a company. Working from home can make people feel isolated, but the Yealink T58V gives your employees a crystal clear look into what their colleagues are doing with its android powered 7-inch adjustable touch screen.

Cloud phone system handset Yealink T58V

More Cloud Phone Handsets

Explore our full range of handset on our site here https://www.sbchostedsolutions.co.uk/handsets/

Looking For A Cloud Phone System?

If you’re looking for your next phone system and want to explore your cloud-based options, we have the perfect system for you. To learn more or get started with a new cloud phone system, visit our new website SBC Hosted Solutions. Click here to be taken to the SBC Hosted Solutions website. Alternatively, if you prefer a traditional telephone system and would like to explore how to cut costs with a new telephone supplier, click here to explore our traditional telephone system options.

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