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What is MDM?
MDM stands for mobile device management, which is security software designed for company employees. The software allows the employer to have more control over the device and also adds an extra layer of security.

How can MDM help you?
Mobile device management allows you to monitor what is being downloaded onto your work handset and completely block specific websites and browsers. This, in turn, allows your workforce to stay on task and only be able to view relevant information on their device.

Much like web browsing, mobile device management also has control over the applications that your team can use. The ability to download games or other unwanted apps onto the device can be completely restricted to keep your employee’s mind and focus on the job at hand. Exposing your staff to only relevant types of content reduces the number of distractions they can be exposed to, whilst in their working environment.

Missing handset? No problem, utilize the remote lock and device encryption features to keep your business info safe. Thiefs will have a hard time extracting sensitive information from a device kitted out with MDM.

Once you know your handset is locked, safe, and secured, you have the ability to locate the device using location tracking. Whether the device has been stolen or simply misplaced, the features included within MDM ensure your business information stays private, just the way you like it.

Unsure about mobile device management and if it’s for you?
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