Garden Wi-Fi Extension – Broadband in your Garden

We have recently been out to an existing customers house whilst they have been working from home and extended their useable wi-fi network range. To assist this customer and get them a stronger internet connection where they need it most, we have provided them with a Garden Wi-Fi Extension. The extension has opened up their working possibilities allowing them to work in their garden.

Do You Need A Garden Wi-Fi Extension?

Are you home working, do you need broadband in your garden or a garden Wi-Fi extension? We can provide solutions for extending and supplying a strong reliable broadband connection into outdoor spaces and garden offices. Perfect for working from home, receiving emails and taking video calls in your garden. Enjoy the nice weather, when it’s out, by extending your Wi-Fi range into your garden with a weatherproof access point from SBC. A simple add on to a compatible Wi-Fi network.

To begin adding a reliable and strong wireless connection to your garden get in touch with SBC today. Our friendly team are always here to help and have assisted many customers with broadband issues and unreliable internet connections. Call us on 01264 336644 or email us at

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