Horrifying Hosted Systems And Deadly Desk Handsets

Happy Halloween from the spooky SBC team. If you want to see this deadly desk handset in your office, then get in touch with us today. Our T54W’s come standard with all hosted system subscriptions. Upgrade your phone system to a horrifying hosted system this Halloween season.

Horrifying Hosted Systems And Deadly Desk Handsets

What is a cloud-hosted system?

Hosted systems are taking the UK by storm. More and more businesses are turning to their cloud-based options and opting for a cloud-hosted phone system rather than your traditional formats. With working from home on the rise and the need for a flexible communication solution, UK businesses up and down the country are using hosted phone systems to keep in touch with their employees and customers.

A hosted system is a virtual cloud-hosted phone system that uses your broadband rather than traditional telephone lines. This generally means less onsite engineering work, less cabling and quicker installs. The virtual hosting element means remote login access is common with this type of phone system, resulting in less engineer call out charges as your service provider can simply log in and make changes without having to be in your office.

Homeworking using Hosted Phone System Features

Switch to a hosted phone system

Moving from your existing system and taking the jump to a completely cloud-hosted system may sound unnerving but, it’s much easier than it sounds. The remote installs and zero downtime make for a seamless transition that works well for you and your business. In some cases an engineer doesn’t even need to visit your premises, log in details along with software can be emailed and physical hardware, like desk handsets, can be sent via a courier.

Installation costs are far lower than ever before. Your hosted phone system is cloud-based meaning no physical hardware needs to be installed within your premises. The low install costs and seamless transition, accompanied with the best remote support and service, means you can begin to revolutionise your business communications today.

hosted phone system click to dial software on a laptop

Cloud-Hosted Desk Handsets

We have handsets that fit a wide range of needs. Whether you’re looking for a handset with a bright and clear LCD with a built-in video calling solution, you receptionist needs a BLF expansion, or you just need a modest handset for your staff to answer calls with, here at SBC we have a handset that will suit all. Our wide range of handsets, desk phones and extra communication solutions provide performance and reliability to let you hit the ground running with your new cloud-hosted phone system.

Yealink T58V with SBC Halloween Wallpaper Background

The Yealink T54W comes as standard with all of our hosted subscriptions. Recommended by us as our go-to desk phone, you can’t go wrong with this handset. It’s simple functionality sleek design, and high-resolution full-colour display means that you can take calls for your business with ease and style.

The T54W comes with “Yealink HD technology” that gives the user crystal clear communication with customers. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow this handset to be even more versatile in working from home environment. The user can utilise the Bluetooth feature to use headsets, and the onboard Wi-fi creates a quick connection with any network you like.

Cloud phone system handset Yealink T54W

The T58V is the next level up from the T54W. The T58V and the T54W have many similarities, and a few stand out features that define them. Both desk handsets are easy to use and have a modern, sleek design. The handsets also come with “Yealink HD Technology” allowing for the clearest of audio. The T58V has a larger, fully adjustable screen that spans 7-inches. Not only is the T58V display bigger, but what really sets this desk handset apart is the impressive touch screen ability. The touch screen display gives the user greater functionality making the handset more ergonomic.

Another massive benefit for this desk handset is the video calling compatibility. Onboard is a removable HD camera. The onboard camera combined with the massive display allows users to video chat directly from their handset. The Yealink T58V also supports the installation of third-party applications for business customisation.

Cloud phone system handset Yealink T58V

Are you ready for the cloud?

To get started with a new cloud-hosted phone system, call us on 01264 336644, fill out this contact form, or email us at info@sbclimited.co.uk. Our friendly team will be able to help you pick a phone system that truly integrates into your business and performs to meet your expectations. To learn more about cloud-hosted systems, click here to be taken to our dedicated hosted phone system website. You can explore our range of desk handsets and view the extended range of features that come included with a hosted phone system.

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