ISDN Switch Off

The ISDN switch off 2020/25

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Due to the soon approaching ISDN switch off, is it time for your businesses to start making the move to a VoIP Hosted telephone system?

What is the ISDN Switch off?

By 2025 the ISDN and PSTN networks will be switched

off for good. BT will begin phasing out the old networks as early as 2020. Due to the advances in technology, traditional phone lines have become outdated. Much like Mobile phones, televisions, and cars the world is progressing and pushing the boundaries of technology. PSTN lines use the same principle designed in the late 1800s and ISDN was introduced in

the ’80s. To make matters worse they both have high maintenance costs. When all of this is taken into consideration, it is clear to see that business telephone systems are in need of an update.

The answer to this update is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems, otherwise known as a cloud-based hosted system or hosted voice. VoIP Hosted Telephone systems are already available and many companies across the UK are already using the technology of the future and prepared for the”impending doom” right around the corner.

What is a VoIP Cloud Hosted Telephone system?

A cloud hosted telephone system is exactly what it says. Rather than being present in your office it’s cloud based, meaning that not only does it allow you to have more space in your office, but our engineers can remotely make changes and update your system.

Updated, modern and futuristic technology all sounds very expensive. However, due to its quick and easy installation, low maintenance costs, and seamless transition the prices are surprisingly low.

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ISDN Switch Off

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