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Award-Winning Internet Services For Business.

Our range of reliable, high-quality business internet services has you covered, no matter your connectivity requirements. Our services range from the latest superfast Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) all the way to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Going one step further, if you require the fastest of speeds, we provide ultrafast Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). We offer a range of great value, multi-award winning, reliable broadband solutions, which have been designed to suit every budget, location and size of business. No matter what industry your business is in, we have a broadband solution and connection type for you.

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Broadband Applications

  • Email
  • Web Browsing
  • Video & Music Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Cloud Phone Systems

Why Do You Need Fast Broadband?

From basic uses like email all the way to using hosted VoIP applications and converged solutions incorporating voice and video conferencing technology, our high speed, reliable broadband services offer you the ability to share information faster than ever before.

Did You Know?

Did you know that most broadband service providers will share your internet connection with up to 49 other users? During peak hours, this causes a bottleneck effect at the exchange, and everyone experiences slower speeds. Our high-grade broadband service avoids this problem, giving you a faster, more reliable service. Furthermore, our broadband services aren’t subject to any vague ‘fair use’ policies – our unlimited services are truly unlimited. And what’s more, we’ll never ‘manage’ your traffic or slow you down. So you’ll benefit from a high-performance network with the capacity to accommodate your growing requirements without any hidden side effects.

49 Shared Users With Other Providers
100% Unlimited Broadband
0 Hidden Side effects

Multi-Product Provider

One provider for all of your network services.

As a multi-product provider, we can support your landline services, cloud phone system, mobiles and broadband all on a single, easy to read bill. Our support team has direct access to the network to give you real-time support. This also enables us to provision your broadband much quicker than other providers and, should you encounter any problems, our dedicated fault handling team will have you up and running again in no time.

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Below are the various internet options available to you!

The below broadband products will depend on your location and requirements. If you are not familiar with the options available and which option is best for your business, call our Hampshire based friendly team on 01264 336644 for expert advice and a fast quotation.

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access – SOGEA

Unlimited Business Grade SOGEA Fibre Office 80/20 Service

SOGEA is the new best-selling internet service that does away with the concept of traditional landline rental. SOGEA is the standalone product of the future, allowing you to have a broadband connection without a voice line rental. With the increased use of hosted phone systems and the looming ISDN switch off, businesses aren’t seeking landline services anymore. Voice copper line rental is expensive and fast becoming obsolete. SOGEA is the new broadband option that allows consumers to purchase just a broadband connection without the voice line rental. Access to SOGEA is now widely available across the UK.

  • Truly unlimited usage with no traffic management slowdowns.
  • 1 Static IP address will be allocated to your broadband circuit.
  • Download top speed 80.00Mbit/s
  • Upload top speed 20.00Mbit/s

Fibre to the premises broadband – FTTP

Fibre to the premises broadband (FTTP) has many options when it comes to speeds. If you’re looking for a truly unlimited super-fast connectivity solution that you can rely on, consider our Unlimited Fibre to the premises package.

  • Static IP address included as standard.
  • Speed and performance SLAs.
  • Truly unlimited usage with no traffic management slowdowns.
  • Technical support staff who work from technical knowledge rather than scripts.
  • No analogue PSTN telephone line required.

See the chart below for a comparison between speeds and pricing.

FTTP Broadband FTTP 80/20 FTTP 160/30 FTTP 220/20 FTTP 330/50 FTTP 550/75 FTTP 1000/115
Connection Type Fibre to The Premises (FTTP) Fibre to The Premises (FTTP) Fibre to The Premises (FTTP) Fibre to The Premises (FTTP) Fibre to The Premises (FTTP) Fibre to The Premises (FTTP)
Max Downstream Speed 80.00 Mbit/s 160.00 Mbit/s 220.00 Mbit/s 330.00 Mbit/s 550.00 Mbit/s 1000.00 Mbit/s
Max Upstream Speed 20.00 Mbit/s 30.00 Mbit/s 20.00 Mbit/s 50.00 Mbit/s 75.00 Mbit/s 115.00 Mbit/s
Static IP Address Included Included Included Included Included Included

Monthly Rental (Excluding VAT)

£49.95 £59.95 £69.95 £79.95 £89.95 £119.95
Connection Cost (Excluding VAT) £49.00 £49.00 £49.00 £49.00 £49.00 £49.00

Dedicated Ethernet Leased Lines

Banish slow speeds and unreliability forever and give your business the star treatment it deserves. True business class connectivity options offering symmetrical speeds, guaranteed bandwidth and 100% premium SLA honoured by service credits. Leased Lines are ideal if you:

  • Have several offices or buildings spread across a local area.
  • Require guaranteed Internet bandwidth.
  • Need to transfer large quantities of data quickly and reliably between sites for data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Are running costly older technologies.

Fibre Ethernet with speeds ranging from 100MB to 1GB starting from £249+vat

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