Wi-Fi Networks For Business and Home Users.

We supply and install a wide range of 21st-century wireless (Wi-Fi) Draytek, Samsung and Ubiquiti networking solutions to meet the most demanding and challenging environments. Irrespective of whether you are a business or home, we have the experience and seamless handover technology to create the perfect wireless solution which can be used for every day devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and even home multimedia equipment such as smart TVs, Sonos audio systems and games consoles.


Whether you’re a pub, restaurant or a cafe, Wi-Fi is an integral bonus for your customers and devices. Having good coverage throughout your location is essential to fast service and happy customers. Take payments faster with a bespoke Wi-Fi solution.


Roam throughout your office with a strong connection completing work from wherever you like. An intelligent Wi-Fi network not only delivers the browsing power you need but ensures you don’t have any weak spots in your coverage.


Whatever devices you’re running in your home, a solid internet connection is needed to keep them online and performing at their best. Without good Wi-Fi coverage, your best home hardware will struggle to perform to the standard you require.


Installing a future-proofed Wi-Fi network in your school or university offers both teachers and students connectivity that can accommodate for your ever-growing device usage.

Powerful Wi-Fi performance is now a reality

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, we understand best-in-class wireless connectivity and performance is no longer a nice-to-have, but an essential part of everyday life. Our affordable wireless solutions are completely flexible in deployment, providing reliable and efficient wireless LAN coverage for any property.

Wi-Fi Networks For Restaurants

Target Customers With your Latest Deals And Offers.

The hospitality industry is no stranger to the free Wi-Fi scheme. Offering free Wi-fi has been used amongst restaurants, fast food chains, cafes and pubs for years. When you provide your customers with free Wi-Fi not only do they get to browse the web and share your food and drink over social media but, you also have the opportunity to promote your business in their email inbox! Using an intuitive Wi-Fi solution allows you to force your users onto a landing page that requests their email address before they can browse the web. To gain access to your Wi-Fi, customers provide their email addresses and opt-in to email marketing. You can then use this to send them the latest offers and nudge them reminding them to visit you again.

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Wi-Fi Networks For Offices

Stay connected whilst you work.

Achieving a consistent broadband connection throughout a working office is a must-have. Whilst you work hard using devices that range from mobiles to laptops, computers and printers, your Wi-Fi network should tick away in the background, working seamlessly, providing you with consistent uptime. The best Wi-Fi networks are the ones you don’t notice, ensuring you do your best work without interruptions. By accurately placing access points around your premises, we aim to completely eliminate weak spots. We create an area of full coverage, allowing you to walk around your workplace without any drops in signal.

Wi-Fi Networks For Home

Complete Coverage Throughout Your Home.

Adaptable integrated Wi-Fi solutions that offer enough coverage and speed to support all of your devices. If you are in need of a new Wi-Fi network in your home or simply need better coverage, it may be time to consider a bespoke future-proofed Wi-Fi system. Utilising a specialist allows your home to be assessed for major flaws and issues that commonly work against mainstream Wi-Fi systems. If you have a large or old house with thick walls, it’s incredibly common to find yourself struggling to get complete broadband network coverage. By installing our high-performance wireless access points at the optimum locations, you can create coverage across your whole home so that you can move from one area of your house to another and be sure of reliable coverage.

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Browse the web, stream music or binge the latest TV shows by the pool with intelligent Wi-FI coverage.

Home Office

Connect to your broadband and work from the comfort of your home no matter where your remote office is.


Our outdoor weather-protected Wi-Fi equipment connects you to your broadband when you need it most.

External Wi-Fi Solutions For Your Home

Wi-Fi networks are not just for internal use. Our external Wi-fi networks provide strong coverage into all of the outdoor spaces you require.

We also supply a wide range of exterior Wi-Fi solutions allowing you to get coverage when you need it most, turning your outdoor spaces into more useable and accessible ones. Whether you want to work in the garden or stream music by the pool, we can build a bespoke solution around your needs.

More and more people are working from home and utilising unique home offices. We have seen an increase in people needing a solid network connection at the bottom of their garden and in remote extensions and sheds.

As businesses grow and expand, there is always the need for additional connectivity. Companies are always looking to create environments that are enjoyable to work in. Utilising an outdoor working space is a great idea to attract new employees and generate a happier working environment. Ensuring these outdoor places have complete broadband coverage is easy with an external Wi-Fi solution from SBC.

Site Surveys For Optimal Wi-Fi Performance.

Wireless network installations depend heavily on specific environments. There could be many invisible and unpredictable variables that may ultimately affect wireless LAN network performance, it is, therefore, necessary to perform wireless site surveys to fully understand requirements before installing a solution. Our site survey will determine the optimal number and placement of wireless LAN devices to provide the best coverage and ensure a fully optimised Wi-Fi service required for your home or business.

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