Out with the old, in with the new!

Our client is upgrading their on-premise PBX phone system for a more reliable, modern, cloud VoIP hosted phone system which will grow with their company today and well into the future.

Our client’s main reason for the change was that their traditional telephone system lacked flexibility and the ability to work remotely. They felt if team members could not be reached easily, they could potentially miss important sales calls, which could be financially detrimental to their business. With our cloud-hosted phone system, we are able to decrease the amount of abandoned/missed calls and voicemails by setting up an advanced call queuing system. In addition, all staff members will have our virtual office app installed on their business mobile phone. Staff will be able to make secure business calls from anywhere in the world, which means no longer having to come into the office to communicate with colleagues, clients or suppliers.

Considering moving your phone system to the cloud after Covid19?

Our Cloud-hosted VoIP phone system product offers a strong set of business telephony features that are essential for any business. From simple call transfer to making and receiving business calls on personal mobile devices.

Check out some of the many features of our product below:

MOBILE PAIRING Sync your mobile phone with your office handset. Never miss a call!

EXTENSION DIALLING Reach staff in 3 or 4 digits, wherever you are.

UNIFIED VOICEMAIL Pick up all your voicemail’s from any device, anywhere.

MULTI LOCATIONS Connect all your offices across with a single cloud phone system.

CALL RECORDING Record and archive all inbound or outbound calls.

UNLIMITED CONFERENCE CALLING Set up a private virtual conference room with external dial-ins.

CALL QUEUING Never lose a customer when you’ve got them on hold.

CALL GROUPS Directs call super effectively and never miss a call.

AUTO ATTENDANT Handle calls professionally and efficiently. E.g. press 1 for sales.

MOBILE APPS Manage your phone system from your smartphone.

CLICK TO DIAL Initiate calls straight from your computer.

SPEAKERPHONE PAGING Make an announcement to all extensions.

CALL MONITORING Full suite of services to analyse team performance.

CALL MANAGEMENT Top-of-the-range features that make call-handling a breeze.

FAX Send and receive fax by email‍‍‍.

LANDLINE NUMBERS Get a local number that goes straight to your mobile.

Switch to a cloud phone system today. It’s easy as 123.

If you feel that your current telephone system could be holding your business back. Give us a call to discuss how our Plug’n’Play phone system could benefit your business.

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