Samsung Galaxy A10

The A range is Samsungs middle tier of phones. New technology and designs are commonly tested here before making it to the popular S range. If you enjoy the new tech coming to the market or are just looking for a more affordable handset, then the A range is definitely worth a look.

The Samsung Galaxy A10, sits at the bottom of the middle tier and the price reflects this, making it a great handset for people on a budget. To make the device cheaper, Samsung removed the fingerprint scanner and lowered the camera quality.

To combat the lack of fingerprint scanner the phone comes with “face unlock”. However, if you like the classics, you can unlock your phone via the traditional methods: PIN, pattern and password.

It goes without saying, that the A10 camera selection isn’t as grand as the latest top tier devices. However, the cameras are similar to that of the older S range models, so the quality is better than you would expect from a budget option.

On the bright side, the phone does wear the Samsung badge, has a high build quality and good visual display. It is new to the market meaning it runs the latest software and life expectancy is longer than older devices.

If you are looking for a budget business mobile phone to supply to a fleet of staff, then the Samsung A10 is a great contender.

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