Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

November 23, 2021

Bootup Logo on Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

Experience true 5G Speeds with this amazing handset from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is the handset to be deployed to your employees. Samsung has taken full advantage of the new 5G network boasting faster speeds in a cost-effective package. The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G includes all of the best features of the 5G network in a handset that is easy for businesses to supply to employees in large quantities. If you need ultra-fast browsing speeds and an improved mobile communication service, then this handset could be for your business.

The 5G networks boosted speeds provides an interruption-free and seamless communication experience. When connected to the 5G network, you can expect to experience faster and better browsing speeds. Perfect for downloading and sharing large files with customers and colleagues. Even smaller file sizes can be received quicker, allowing you to reply to simple requests and emails instantly. Being 5G optimised also means this handset is future-proofed for the ever-growing mobile networks.

Matt Finished on Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

Optimised battery performance keeps the A22 5G charged whilst your team are on the go. Whether your team are office-based or out on the road, the 5000mAh battery has enough power to support them throughout their business endeavours.

Not only does this handset look premium but, it performs well too. With Samsung’s latest user interface applied, your users will be experiencing a familiar and modern display that resemblances top-tier devices.

The design of this handset follows in the footsteps of higher tier Samsung devices. The A22 5G resembles other models made by Samsung, most notably the A52 and the A72. This design concept allows for a premium look and finish that is also resistant to smudges and scratches. Along with its refined curves, the A22 has a range of cameras on board that lets you capture a mixture of close and ultra-wide angles.

Rear Cameras on Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

As older models struggle to keep up, this 5G ready handset is becoming a favourite for larger businesses that need smartphones at a budget-friendly price. Reach out to Southern Business Communications to locate the best contract for your business with this competitive handset. Click the link to get in touch and learn more.

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