Samsung S10+ v Apple XS Max

SAMSUNG’s Galaxy S10 Plus is not only beating the Apple XS Max in terms of battery life, RAM, Camera, Internal storage, but also in other vital areas.

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Samsung S10 Plus featuring a whopping 4,100mAh battery, 8GB RAM with 512GB/1TB internal storage, improved wireless charging speeds and wireless powershare. Expected for release early to mid-march, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has three separate devices: the S10e the S10 and the S10 Plus being the flagship of the trio. With its minimal, beautiful and effortlessly elegant design, below are some of the many features over the XS Max that will surely please devoted Samsung users.

Features that don’t just stand out, they stand apart! 

Simply touch the glass to unlock.

One of the biggest new features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is moving security from the back of the phone to the front, fusing the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner directly into the screen. This allows users to unlock their phone by placing a thumb on the lower portion of the display instead of having to reach around the back of the device where standard fingerprint sensors on previous Samsung models and the Apple XS are positioned. This is revolutionary technology, and we’re excited to see how this performs real world.

Power is yours to share.

Whilst both the Samsung S10 Plus and the Apple XS Max offer wireless charging, only the Galaxy S10 Plus has a PowerShare reverse wireless charging feature for charging up other wirelessly-chargeable phones. Theoretically, you could charge a colleague, friend or family members phone by placing it on top of your S10 Plus however, Samsung believes this feature will mostly be used to charge Galaxy earbuds or smartwatches.

The verdict

Until the Samsung S10 Plus gets released for our hands on review, it’s impossible to say how well the phone will perform compared to the iPhone XS Max but there is no mistaking that the Galaxy S10 Plus is an exceptionally beautiful phone with a high specification to match. With no home button, no notch for the receiver and a simple dot opening for the front camera, simple touch glass to unlock and PowerShare feature, this revolutionary device looks to be in a league of its own in comparison to rivals. It even comes with a screen protector to safeguard it against life’s little accidents – a nice little touch all phablet manufacturers could do well to adopt.


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