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Purchasing a new cloud hosted VoIP handset from us? If the answer to the last question was yes then you are in luck, we are pleased to announce that we have new stickers coming to our customers!

If you are in the lucky position to be upgrading to a hosted telephone system, then you will find a slight modification on the desktop handsets you receive. Keep your eyes peeled for the new labels that are now being issued to all hosted handsets. We are currently fitting the new stickers to every Yealink handset that leaves our stock!

You can see how good the stickers look on the device in the image below. The handset in the photo is a Yealink T41S

SBC Hosted Solutions

What is a cloud hosted VoIP phone system?

You may have heard of a hosted/cloud telephone system, Virtual PBX or VOIP. There are many other names but in simple terms, they all mean the same thing: A business telephone system hosted through the cloud rather than ISDN lines. Unlike a traditional telephone system, a hosted system uses an internet connection which is connected to a data centre within the cloud.

Why use a Hosted Telephone System?

Hosted systems have become attractive to businesses in recent years due to low price and flexibility. In the past, Cloud-based telephone systems were considered unreliable. But as time has gone on, so has the technology and internet speed. For a fast-growing business, a hosted system can play to a companies strengths with ease. The devices can be accessed remotely by our engineers, meaning no site visits and the handsets even boast a plug and play accessibility.

Want to know more about hosted handsets?

If you have any further questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call us on 01264 336644 and a friendly member of staff will be ready to assist you!

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