The Samsung S20 Range – The bold phone that will change how you do business

March 2, 2020

The Samsung S20 Range – The phone that will change how you do business

Meet Samsungs next generation of Galaxy handsets. Introducing the Samsung S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. Increasingly more, your mobile device is required for business wherever. With a powerful processor, massive storage and Samsung Knox security, the new S20 range is a phone delivering a truly mobile workplace.

With technology creeping more and more into our lives, it’s clear that our personal mobiles get used within our business. When integrating your mobile device with your business, security should be your number one priority. Samsung believes that security is at the core of Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. Samsung has created a secure processor dedicated to protecting your PIN, password and pattern. With modern technology, the helpful use of secure biometric authentication keeps your private data private.

When using a mobile device for your business, you should never be restricted by battery life. The new S20 range optimises your battery power to exclude apps you don’t regularly use. This intelligent battery gives you more power for the tasks you need to complete. If you ever do run your batteries flat, super-fast charging breathes life back into your device in a flash. The S20 range is also wireless power share compatible. You can use your new Samsung device to charge your watch or even a colleague’s phone.

Perfect for working from home or in a pinch, the Samsung Galaxy S20 range can transform into a fully working desktop computer. Simply connect your Galaxy S20 device to your monitor or TV for a mobile office experience on the big screen. If you want to integrate your mobile device with a pre-existing desktop, you can do so with just a USB-C cable. Samsung DeX for PC allows you to multitask between your phone and PC/Mac.

Accurately capture new ideas when inspiration strikes. The all-new Samsung S20 range takes professional incredibly detailed photos with its high-resolution camera and Space Zoom capabilities. In addition to enhanced low light and super steady technology, the powerful camera also records in 8K.

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