Ultra-fast Outdoor Wi-fi

July 28, 2022

Ultra-fast outdoor Wi-fi

Bask in the sun and enjoy the greenery and scenery with ultra-fast outdoor Wi-fi.

Ultra-fast outdoor Wi-Fi networks boost productivity, create a greener working space and make your business more accessible to customers.

  • Boost productivity

  • Greener working environment
  • Increases customer accessibility and experience
  • Take card payments
  • Create a guest network

Whether you need to take card payments, create a guest network or simply work on a laptop outside in the sun, an external Wi-Fi connection can make your business a better and nicer place to be.

Outdoor connectivity can be achieved through our rugged external access points. Increase your network range and stand up to all of the natural elements. Made with durability in mind our external Wi-Fi access points will provide you, your colleagues and guests with connectivity all year round. Designed to last through all seasons our external Wi-Fi access points withstand rain, heat and frost.

Peel back the rugged exterior and you will find our external access points provide you with just as much connectivity as our internal ones. When integrated into a network you can guarantee you will have complete coverage inside and out. Boost your Wi-Fi range and connect further around your premises.

Capitalise on your outdoor space this summer and enjoy the sunshine. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve your Wi-Fi coverage, connectivity and speeds by filling in the form below.

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