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What Is The #1 Best Hotel Phone System?

You’re in the market for a new phone system and want to explore your options. You may be a new hotel business buying your first phone system or an experienced hotel in the industry. No matter what your history is, we can help you find the best phone system for your business. As a telecommunications company that has been operating for over 30 years, we know and understand the diverse world of phone systems and look to break down the technical terminology and help you understand which phone system you need and why you need it.

What are the Best Hotel Phone Systems?

The best hotel phone system should be equipped to deal with the needs and demand of your business communications. It should also integrate properly within your hotel and perform well for both staff and your customers. You shouldn’t be losing business due to an inadequate phone system. Hotels mainly choose between two types of phone systems, traditional premises-based and cloud-hosted phone systems.

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Traditional Hotel Telephone System (Premises-Based Analogue, Digital and PBX)

The first option we will explore is the more traditional premises-based hotel telephone system. Until cloud-hosted phone systems were introduced, it was one of the very few options available to businesses. This traditional hotel telephone system must be installed within your hotel. The traditional PBX system is landline-based and uses physical hardware and cabling. The traditional PBX phone system is usually mounted to a wall or housed within a comms cabinet. This can be a nuisance as it takes up space within your hotel.

The premises-based PBX telephone system uses traditional phone lines, once it’s installed within your hotel, the system distributes calls to your designated areas. Calls can be sent to reception phones or a different office, your setup and handset placement within your hotel is up to you. If you don’t like the idea of integrating with the cloud or prefer the security of having a physical phone system in your hotel, then a traditional premises-based PBX is for you.

Traditional Hotel Telephone System Advantages

The advantages of a traditional hotel telephone system heavily revolve around the fact that it isn’t cloud-based. A traditional hotel telephone system is not reliant on a cloud-based platform or server. In some cases, this can mean your telephone system has more uptime and can be used more consistently. However, with the heavy investments and growth in cloud technology being made, there are fewer faults with cloud servers as the platform grows stronger and stronger.

Traditional Hotel Telephone System Disadvantages

Disadvantages of a traditional hotel telephone system are usually found when the cost is explored. As you need physical equipment installed in your hotel, it is extremely common for the upfront costs of a hotel telephone system to be high. This is to cover the costs of the system being provided and installed correctly within your hotel. These large bills can be off-putting for small or new hotel businesses.

Storage space for the hotel telephone system can be an issue too. If you have a very small hotel or your staff areas and storage cupboards are full, then it can be hard to make room for a large traditional telephone system. This drives hotel businesses to explore other options.

Traditional Hotel Telephone System Conclusion

traditional telephone system is commonly used when a hosted phone system isn’t an option. Many hotels now choose to invest in newer future-proofed technology that updates and upgrades as their business grows. In some cases, a lack of strong and reliable internet connection can be a limiting factor when choosing a telephone system, this can force people to invest in a traditional telephone system rather than hosted. 

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Cloud Hosted Hotel Phone Systems

The rival of the traditional system is the cloud-hosted hotel phone system. A hosted phone system uses modern technology, and the database is stored in the cloud. Your hotel’s internet connection is used to make and receive calls rather than traditional telephone lines. Being cloud-based and running solely off of your internet connection, the only physical hardware needed in your hotel are the handsets themselves.

A hosted hotel phone system integrates with your smartphonepc or mac. In some cases, customers don’t even need a desk handset and can answer calls directly on their mobile or PC. The hosted hotel phone system stays current as it is updated remotely, much like the way your smartphone updates. This means that bug fixes and new features can be installed without an engineer coming to the site. The latest updates have been influenced by homeworking and have seen video conference calling added to the list of available features ready to use on a hosted phone system.

Cloud Hosted Hotel Phone System Advantages

Hosted phone systems usually work on a plug and play basis. This means that the installation time and difficulty of install are reduced. In some cases, hosted hotel phone systems can be set up by the customer. Because the installation is quicker, this dramatically brings down the initial cost. With a hosted phone system, you can expect to have an extremely small upfront cost in comparison to a traditional telephone system.

The upfront cost of the hosted hotel phone system is brought down even further as the cost of the handsets are usually spread and repaid monthly. This makes this kind of phone system ideal for small businesses or new hotels getting up and running. Hotels with more disposable income can also choose to pay for the handsets up front, leading to smaller monthly payments. In short, a hosted phone system is more affordable, simpler to set up and easier to maintain than a traditional telephone system.

Cloud Hosted Hotel Phone System Disadvantages

The hosted hotel phone system relies on your internet connection. In some cases when an internet connection is unstable and weak, it can have an impact on your phone system. Your hosted phone system provider should be able to tell if your hotel’s internet connection is sufficient enough to work with their phone systems. If you need a stronger internet connection, some providers can also supply your hotel with a wireless network. Having the same provider for your internet and phone system can be convenient. Southern Business Communications can provide a strong and reliable internet connection to power your hosted phone system and all of your other wireless appliances.

Cloud Hosted Hotel Phone System Conclusion

The benefits of a hosted phone system outweigh the disadvantages. This newer breed of technology can and will progress into the future. As this technology gets simpler, it becomes more recognisable in our everyday lives as the hosted phone system integrates so well with smartphones and laptops already. For a hotel, a hosted phone system is versatile enough to integrate seamlessly and intrusion free, allowing your business to thrive.

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So which is the Best Hotel Phone System?

Both the traditional PBX and the cloud-hosted are a good choice of phone system for hotels. They each have a place within your business. However, each system has it’s advantages and disadvantages. You may know which system you prefer, but your buildings cabling infrastructure, internet connection and floor plan can have a big impact on your decision. 

The best way to understand which phone system can be used within your hotel is by having a specialist visit your site. The good news is here at Southern Business Communications we carry this out as part of our service. We have helped many hotels cut down on big bills and save money on their call costs and line rentals. Our phone systems are diverse and come with a large number of features allowing the system to integrate properly and efficiently into your business model.

Here at SBC, we provide training for all staff members allowing the implementation of a phone system to be efficient, fast and hassle-free. To get a free quote, arrange a free visit or to find out more, contact us on 01264 336644 or email