The best hosted or PBX Phone system for hairdressers premises

What is the Best Phone System for a Hairdressing Salon?

When working in a Hair Salon, a large amount of your business is conducted over the phone. Phone conversations are a great way for you to connect with your customer, get appointments booked and accept more work. We believe finding the best hair salon phone system shouldn’t be difficult. In this article, you will learn the differences between the popular salon phone systems. This will demonstrate which salon phone systems are available to you and put more customers in your seats. One quick read can get you back to doing what you do best.

You should look to invest in a salon phone system that can generate more work and boost your salon’s profits. The first step to finding the best salon phone system is to figure out what you need from a telephone system.

Within a hair salon, you need to be flexible and free, being able to walk around the salon is highly important and you never want to be pinned down or tied to a desk. You may have a reception area with a desk phone, but the last thing you should do is leave your client to take a call. Flexibility is key and you should have the freedom to do your work and not feel chained down by a cheap or inadequate salon phone system. A good telephone system fits around your working life, not the other way around.

We recommend only the best telephone systems to allow hairdressers to manage salon patients with ease. What separates a good telephone system from a bad one, is the onboard features.

Only the best hair salon phone systems come with advanced features. You could be working late in the salon or just tackling a shift on your own when multiple calls start coming in. With intelligent features such as call queueing, your telephone system can stack calls and add customers to a queue. Don’t send your customers to an out of date voicemail machine. Leave a good impression and show your customers that you take your service and their business seriously. Many other features like this can have a positive impact on your customer experience.

Finding the best phone system for a hairdressing salon can appear difficult, but, industry experts SBC are making things simpler.

Hair Salon Phone Systems, what are my options?

Plenty of telephone systems are in use around the world, but when it comes to hairdressers, two types are commonly used. The first system is called an “on-premise” telephone system.

· On-Premises Analogue, Digital & IP PBX Hair Salon Telephone Systems

Let’s begin with the traditional system, for many years an on-premise telephone system was the only option available to businesses. Installed within your salon, this technology uses physical hardware and is landline based. This telephone system is sometimes referred to as a PBX. On-premise salon phone systems are commonly stored in comms cabinets but they can also be wall-mounted.

This phone system is connected to traditional phone lines, from there it directs calls to either your reception desk or cordless handsets. This gives you the flexibility you desire within a hairdressing salon. As mentioned before, this technology has been traditionally used for many years; however, it is slowly being overthrown as many hair salons are now using cloud-based telephone systems. A cloud phone system usually has lower costs and can be even more flexible than the PBX.

Some hairdressers still choose the on-premise PBX system as they prefer the traditional methods and feel more comfortable and secure having the phone system on-site within their premises.

· Cloud Hosted Telephone System

As mentioned previously the phone system directly competing with the on-premises PBX is the cloud-hosted telephone system. Many hairdressing salons are using this newer technology. The cloud-hosted telephone system connects to your reception desk phone and cordless handsets. A hosted system differs as it uses your internet connection, because of this there is no physical hardware within your hair salon, this also results in the installation being more cost-effective.

As the hosted phone system is so integrated within the cloud you can also take business calls on your smartphone. An app can be downloaded to your mobile that links your device directly to your salon phone system. This allows you to make and receive calls whilst still appearing as your business number, clients will be none the wiser.

The hosted telephone system operates on a plug and play basis, each user is paid for monthly. The ability to add additional handsets with ease makes this phone system great for hair salons that are looking to expand and grow. The element that attracts a lot of attention to this telephone system, is that there are little or no up-front costs. Cloud phone systems are more affordable and easier to maintain in comparison to traditional telecommunication methods.

When picking the best phone system for a hairdressing salon most business pick between two types of salon phone system: On-premises and Cloud Hosted.

Which is the Best Phone System for a Hairdressing Salon?

In conclusion, both of the above salon phone systems perform well within a hairdressing business model. They each come with features that positively impact your customer experience as a hairdresser. The best phone system for a hairdressing salon is down to your personnel preference and what can be installed within your premises. It is possible to be limited due to your buildings cabling infrastructure or internet connection. To truly pick the best phone system for a hairdressing salon you should speak to an experienced and reputable expert. From there your premises can be assessed via a visit. To arrange a free visit or to find out more, please contact us on 01264 336644 or email

As a company who has been dealing with telephone systems and the evolving market for 30 years, we live and breathe the industry and have helped hundreds of hairdressers choose the right telephone system for their needs. We are genuine and honest specialists with an illustrious history of helping hairdressers overhaul their telephone systems, helping them save thousands in call costs and line rentals.