What is the Best Phone System for Barber Shops?

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What is the Best Barber Shop Phone System?

Finding what is the Best Phone System for Barber Shops is extremely important, yet it can sometimes prove to be a difficult exercise. Without a proper understanding, you can end up getting a telephone system that doesn’t suit your business needs or worse, doesn’t work at all. Phone systems operate in multiple environments and need to be finely tuned to work best in a barber shop. Because of this, it can be hard to understand what barbers need from a phone system and what they don’t. To find the best telephone system for your barber shop you need someone who knows the industry. Fortunately, in this article, we have broken the terminology down and made the telecoms world easier to understand. If you still have any queries don’t hesitate to email us at info@sbclimited.co.uk or call us on 01264 336644.

Using a purpose-built phone system you can help manage your barber shop customers with ease. The best phone system will come packed with features like call queueing, to help you manage customers more efficiently. Call queuing takes control during busy periods and allows you to never miss a call. When call queuing is integrated into your barber shop telephone system, it dramatically improves the waiting experience for your customers and provides you with the tools to answer calls that positively impact your customer experience.

Here at SBC, we have been dealing with telephone systems and the telecoms industry for 30 years, we have helped hundreds of barbers and hairdressers choose the right phone system for their needs. We are genuine and honest specialists, with an illustrious history of helping barbers overhaul their communications, helping them save thousands in call costs and line rentals.

With so many options out there, we are here to answer the question on your mind “What is the best phone system for my barber shop?

So what are the best barber shop phone system options?

In a barber shop, you need a phone system that must be highly reliable to meet the requirements of both staff and customers. Most barbers choose between two main types of telephone systems, on-premises and cloud.

· On-Premises Analogue, Digital & IP PBX Phone Systems

For many years, a traditional on-premise phone system was the only solution that could be installed in your barber shop. This technology is landline-based and uses physical hardware, sometimes referred to as PBX. A PBX phone system can be wall-mounted or stored in a comms cabinet which is located within your barber shop. A traditional phone system connects to conventional telephone lines, allowing calls to be distributed to a desk or cordless handset. Barbers tend to prefer cloud VoIP telephone systems due to lower costs and flexibility. Some barbers, however, don’t feel that they’re ready for the cloud and prefer to have the security of owning a phone system on their premises.

· Cloud Hosted Phone System

A cloud hosted telephone system is a newer phone system technology, sometimes referred to as VoIP. With a cloud hosted phone system, It uses your internet connection to make and receive telephone calls. There is no physical hardware in your barber shop other than your cordless phone(s) which gives staff the ability to communicate freely. Hosted telephone systems operate on a plug and play basis. You simply pay for each user every month. All you need to get up and running is a reliable broadband connection. Unlike on-premises phone systems, there are little or no up-front costs. Simply put, cloud hosted systems are more affordable and easier to set up and maintain for barbers, than traditional analogue, digital or IP hardware-based solutions.

So which is the Best Phone System for your Barber Shop?

All of the above options offer every telephone feature that you would expect for your barber shop. Hopefully, we have made it clear which options are available. It is true that every barbers individual communication needs are different and specific to their own requirement, to truly maximise call handling and efficiency in their business, an educated decision needs to be made to equip your barber shop with the best phone system. To arrange a free visit or to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01264 336644 or email info@sbclimited.co.uk