CP960 Yealink Conference phone

What is the CP960 Yealink Conference phone?

Designed to perform best in a mid to large meeting rooms, the CP960 is Yealinks biggest and best conference phone system.

The CP960 Yealink Conference phone is built with a five-inch high-resolution 1280×720 multi-touch screen display and running on Android software, the CP960 is everything you would expect from a modern-day conference phone. Finished, in a striking silver metallic build, the conference phones design looks sleek and professional.

When using the Yealink CP960 Conference phone, it’s hard to forget you are using a Yealink product. The design resembles a “Y” and merges itself furthermore, with the Yealink brand. On startup, the screen has a sleek animation as it loads into the user-friendly android software.

The CP960’s speakerphone elements are co-engineered by Harman and sets new limits for sound quality, calls made through the CP960 are of the highest quality. The CP960 can pick up voice from 20 feet in 360-degrees, ensuring no element is lost during the conversation. Having this coverage means the conference phone can pick up sound from the whole room.

The CP960 can be teamed up with a pair of wireless microphones, which further increases the ability to have a seamless, flowing conversation. When using larger rooms for a conference, the microphones can be strategically placed around the room, to allow even more users to have perfect clarity during the conference.

Due to the microphones being so clear, the CP960 is at risk of picking up unwanted sounds. To combat this, Yealink are using their “Noise proof technology” to let the voice in and keep air conditioning units and typing to a minimum. “Noise Proof”, reduces constant background noises and mutes the microphone when no voice can be heard.

Once again, as the sleek style and look of the CP960 demonstrates, it is incredibly up to date and modern when it comes to connectivity. The CP960 Yealink conference phone can be connected to via laptop, desktop, softphone and even supports Bluetooth and USB connection. This allows all users to connect and control the device through a method that suits them best.

To get your hands on CP960 or to learn how to integrate a hosted telephone system into your business model, call us on 01264 336644 or email us at info@sbclimited.co.uk.

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